How To: Compare Conveyancing Quotes

conveyancing services

If you are about to enter a property buying transaction, be prepared for the conveyancing fees you will get charged with. The whole, unfortunate truth about these legal fees is that conveyancing can punch a gigantic hole in a home-buyers’ wallet.

In order for you to secure the best deal, it is a must for you to cross examine each of the solicitors you may work with and also make sure you check on each aspect of the conveyancing quotations they will give you.

A Quick Overview on What Conveyancing Fees Are

Conveyancing is basically the legal side of buying a home. Traditionally, it was a way for solicitors to earn some profit from the time they will spend doing activities on behalf of the buyer.

However, with the recent and ongoing house sale slump, legal fees are still undergoing an all-time low.

While the fees being charged by legal professionals are definitely lower when you compare them with those being charged by real estate agents, it does not mean that they’re already cheap.

They can actually be exorbitant, if the home owner is not cautious and careful in choosing a solicitor.

This is the main reason as to why you should always obtain a minimum of three conveyancing quotations. While you can get them the traditional way, you will be happy to know that you can now also obtain conveyancing quotes online.

You can find cheap conveyancing quotes online. In addition, searching for these quotes online is a lot more convenient and a lot less time-consuming.

The Obvious Reason Why You Should Compare Conveyancing Quotes

Whether you get your conveyancing quotes online or from brick and mortar firms, you need to take the time to compare them. This is definitely one of the most effective methods of ensuring that the conveyancing fees you will be charged with are just right up in your alley.

And much thanks to websites offering potential home buyers with access to cheap conveyancing quotes, it won’t be long before they find just the right conveyancers or solicitors.

All in all, the primary importance of getting several conveyancing quotations and comparing them is for you to save money. We’re not just talking about a hundred or a couple of hundred here. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds, even thousands.

By spending some of your time checking out the conveyancing fees being charged by several companies, you will be able to find one that will provide you with the cheapest costs.

How to: Make Money Off Facebook

A lot of social media networks brag about being able to make money off their site. Is this really true? And how can it be done? Facebook is one of the most famous social media sites existent today, it has accumulated over 1 billion user since it launched in 2004. It has become so commonly used that even in certain places, it is prohibited to be on Facebook. So, what makes Facebook so special? With its immense amount of users, Facebook has the ability to reach out to an enormous amount of people from different locations and who all posses different perspectives.

Imagine you started a Business and wanted to test out the market, Facebook would be the perfect platform for such an activity. Knowing how large its network is, a business owner can put up a page on Facebook and figure out if the product will sell or if it will not. Putting up a page isn’t hard, it takes less than 5 minutes and you could have your page running. Acquiring likes and followers on Facebook is the time consuming part. Most new users of Facebook do not get any likes from the get go, it takes a little time before they could get a significant amount of likes or followers.

There might not be shortcuts to life, but there definitely are short on how to get Facebook likes, which is a very efficient way to obtain like son Facebook.25

Buying likes on Facebook

Buying likes on Facebook, this idea has been perceived very negatively amongst the network users simply because it is unfair. However, this is pretty clever process, if it is used for the right reasons. If you were to start a business page, you would naturally not have any likes at all. This gives you the option to either put in work or attract people to like your page or buy likes. Buying like sis a very easy process, all one has to do is browse through the net and find the appropriate site that offer the best deal. With just a few clicks, you can likes on your page shooting up from 0 to 10000.

Having a lot of likes increases the visibility of whatever product you have to market.  Having a lot of visibility on the network enables more people to have access to your product and hopefully order it if they are interested. Unlike the usual method of marketing, which would cost you a fortune, this particular process, would cost you less than $100.

When buying likes for Facebook, it is advisable to be cautious, there are various sites on the Internet, which offer bots. Bots are generally computer generated, their main purpose is to like and comment on whatever post the individual posts. The downside to this is that the feedback is not genuine. Since it is computer generated it does not give you the room for improvement, so it is recommended to buy likes from real people and not bots.

Most Popular African American Fraternity

Fraternities are a part of collegiate life. People who go to college end up joining fraternities because this is an important part of the college culture in many countries. Fraternities signify brotherhood. They are an organization that college students can be a part of to make new friends and foster meaningful relationships that will carry on for the rest of their lives.

Fraternities are also so much fun because of the various parties and get-togethers that transpire each and every week. To be in a fraternity, a person must go through initiations that come in all forms. These initiations are a rite of passage that all newcomers must perform in order to be accepted in the fraternity. Throughout the year, there will be many pledges that they perform such as wearing funny shirts or wearing baseball caps.

After the year is over, the newcomers are sworn in to the fraternity. There are many fraternities that are based on race, politics, and creed. These fraternities have a rich history of people who have gone on to achieve amazing things in life. In the States, the most popular African American fraternity in history is the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Most popular African American fraternity

The Alpha Phi Alpha to date has over 125,000 members. This legendary fraternity was formed over a century ago by 7 members who had one goal in mind, which was committed to the cause of freedom. Among the famous members of this fraternity are Jesse Owens, Edward Brooke, Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, and Martin Luther King Jr. The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity gave their lives for scholarship, righteousness, and equality for all mankind. Their place in the history of the United States is extremely valuable as they have seen the change of racial America into the present day where every person is considered equal in stature.

Values of the Alpha Phi Alpha

The Alpha Phi Alpha has many values. All of which make their members better all-around people. Some of the values of this fraternity are:

•    Scholarship- Each member of the Alpha Phi Alpha have a distinct passion for education as they strive to achieve academic excellence in all subjects.

•    Service- Philanthropy is one of the values of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity as each member vows to help people in need.

•    Leadership- Another value that this fraternity places high standards for is leadership. Each member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity leads by example. They set high standards for setting good examples for people to follow in all facets of life.

•    Loyalty- Each member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity past and present have stayed loyal to the fraternity. Loyalty is a good value that all people should have because it shows that you have respect and that you know where you came from. Loyalty is about giving back what you have learned in life to those who are searching for answers just as you did.

How to: Organize a Frat Party

Frat parties are absolutely fun events that students look forward to. These parties are regularly held almost every week by different fraternities and sororities all over the country. Since the burden of college education can be pretty much overwhelmed even the smartest student, these parties allow students to take a major load of their educational duties.

When students find out that there is a frat party happening, they are beside themselves with excitement because they know that they will see their friends and fraternity members. They know they will be able to drink a lot of beer, as well partake in games of beer pong and other equally fun activities. It is also an opportunity for students to get to know their individual crushes by asking them out after the party.

For others, their plan is to “hook up” with the others, which means consensual sex. For others it is an opportunity to meet new people from different walks of life that they can establish meaningful friendships with for the rest of their life. Frat parties are one of the most fun events in a student’s life. If you wish to organize one, here is a quick guide that you can use to throw one heck of a frat party.

How to organize a frat party

Organizing a frat party takes some time to do as there many things that should be kept in careful consideration. Assuming that the party is to take place in your frat house, you can scratch off looking for an ideal venue. If you do not have a venue, you will need to visit as many frat houses as you can to ask for their permission to hold the event.
Mind you, this may not be very easy because fraternities and sororities are very territorial about their houses. Try proposing a win-win situation to them that will prevent them from saying “no”. Here are other factors to consider when organizing a frat part.

•    Invitations- If you want your party to be “off the hook”, as they say, you will need people to attend your party. You may achieve this through word of mouth invitations and making hundreds of invitations, which you can post all over the campus. If you know the resident college radio disk jockey, you can have them announce your party.

•    Entertainment- The best frat parties are those loaded with fun games. Set up beer-pong tables all around the house. Hiring a good local band can also come in handy as people will want to release their frustrations.

•    Booze- No frat party is complete without alcohol. Students who go to frat parties are known to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Load your party with beer kegs and as much bottles of tequila as you can find. Failure to do this will be the cause of your frat party becoming a boring event which people will leave instantly.

Hazing- Why is this Practice Tolerated?

Hazing is a sad part of fraternity and sorority life. It is referred to as ritualistic activity that humiliates, degrades, and inflicts physical harm to a person as a condition or initiation before they can enter that social group or organization. Hazing as an activity can be abusive, hurtful, and can cause a negative impact in any person’s life. Hazing as an activity has been banned in most states in the U.S as there have been many cases of people dying due to this.

Even with its prohibition, hazing is still a very rampant activity in the country today as new members of fraternities, sororities, and other social groups must endure abuse to be accepted. This activity has many Americans up in arms because they do not want their children experiencing harm of any sort. People are aware of previous hazing cases that have lead to permanent injury and even death.

They are aware that this activity can form a person to become violent when he or she grows older. They are also aware that hazing can be detrimental to the education of their children as they will live in fear and humiliation. Why is hazing still tolerated in many parts of the country? Let us explore further.

Why is Hazing still tolerated?

Hazing is physical and psychological abuse that no student should ever have to go through in their college lives, yet, it is still done all over the country. Hazing comes in many forms such as being forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol, being forced to wear clothing that is humiliating, and being forced to perform embarrassing acts in public. Another form of hazing that is considered the worst is physical abuse such as paddling, punching, and other types of physical abuse. So, why is this still tolerated? There are many causes:

•    Students know that hazing is prohibited, yet they still do it because it has been a part of student culture ever since the turn of the 19th century.

•    Hazing also involves sexual activity, which stimulates or excites students. There are many students who just want to have sex all the time.

•    Students are afraid to show weakness. Part of hazing is also verbal abuse, which can stick to students who shy away from hazing. From there, they will be regularly called “sissies” or even more abusive terms that are un-writable.

•    Students want to prove that they belong to the fraternity or sorority, therefore; they will do anything that they can to join the social group, even if it means experiencing physical and psychological abuse in the process.

•    Some colleges do not have the budget to provide efficient and effective security that will enforce the No-Hazing rule. Some colleges only have student bodies that carry out the discipline, which can turn to more violence as there is no existing respect between regulating student body and students.

Greek Events Calendar

People from Greece have a busy year all around. The reason is because they have many events that transpire each and every month. This is why many people love coming to Greece. The amount of activity is so abundant. It seems that every month there is a different festival or holiday that people celebrate with numerous parties and festivals.

From the different holidays and celebrations, you can see just how cultured people from Greece are. There are numerous theater plays that pay homage to different saints. There are also numerous food festivals that tourists will be able to satisfy their palate with the most delicious Greek food. This is why if you are looking to visit Greece any time soon, you must know the many different activities and holidays in this country.

For Greeks who live in other countries, you will need to keep track of all of these events. Here is a calendar of events og holidays and festivals in Greece. Enjoy!
Greek calendar events


•    January 1- Feast of St. Basil
•    January 6- Epiphany


•    Karnavali


•    March 25- Independence Day & feast of the Anunciation


•    April 23- Feast of St. George (Ayios Yioryios)
•    Holy Week


•    May 1- May Day
•    May through September – Hippocratic Oath
•    May 21- Feast of St. Constantine (Ayios Konstandinos)


•    June to early October- Athens Festival
•    June through September- Simi Festival
•    Mid-June to late August – Lycabettus Theater
•    Mid-June- Miaoulia
•    June through September – Aegean Festival
•    June or July- International Classical Musical Festival
•    June 23 to June 24- Midsummer Eve
•    End of June- Navy Week


•    Early July- Puppet Festival
•    July through September- Dodoni Festival
•    July to early September – Epidaurus Festival
•    July International Folklore Festival
•    July and August- Northern Greece National Theater
•    July and August- Hippokrateia Festival
•    Mid- July- Dionysia Wine Festival
•    Mid-July- Wine Festival at Rethymnon
•    July 17- Feast of Ayia Marina
•    July 18 to July 20- Feast of the Prophet Elijah (Profitis Elias)


•    August 6- Feast of the Transfiguration (Metamorphosi)
•    August to mid-September- Aeschylia Festival of Ancient Drama
•    August 15- Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin (Apokimisis tis Panayias).
•    August to early September- Epirotika Festival
•    August- Olympus Festival


•    September 8- Feast of the Birth of the Virgin
•    September 14- Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (Ipsosi to Stavrou)
•    End of September – Thessaloniki Film Festival
•    September- Pistachio Festival


•    October 26- Feast of St. Demetrius (Ayios Dimitrios)
•    October 28- Ochi Day


•    November 8- Feast of the Archangels Gabriel and
Michael (Gavriel and Mihail)
•    November 30- Feast of St. Andrew (Ayios Andreas)


•    December 6Feast of St. Nikolaos (Ayios Nikolaos)
•    December 25 and 26- Christmas
•    December 31- New Year’s Eve